About Suzanne Mercury

I am a poet who also works in visual and haptic poetic forms using found objects, old book pages, LED lights, glass, gold, tree branches, and all manner of natural materials, combining them with my written work.

Much of my recent work is ecological, and my approach to writing poems in many ways models life processes with forms that are organic and responsive.

I believe the universe is a vast breathing living body. Change, light, growth, decay, and death are the lifeblood of the natural world and of earth.

My poetry is a conversation with this process— it is a history, one that by its nature is always unfinished, continuing, and in flux, revising itself, composting, and recycling.

My publications . . . .

My chapbook of poems Hand to Earth is forthcoming from Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs. I am completely over the moon about this— Brenda Iijima is a true kindred spirit and I feel deeply honored to work with her and her press.

I have also published sassafracas (Xerolage 69), a collection of photographs of my glass haptic poems, with Xexoxial Editions— it is their first ever full-color Xerolage. This makes me very happy and I am so grateful to mIEKAL aND for making this happen— the dichroic colors in these pieces are flamboyant and change dramatically depending on the light conditions, so color is really essential to the experience.

Through Jewelweed Press, I have also published two wee limited editions of my one-word poems, Meteor’gami (2011) and Silenchante (2016). Out of print, these minimalist pieces were never actually sold— I just slipped them into peoples’ pockets when they weren’t looking and tiptoed away.

I have published poetry in a variety of places including SpoKeTruckSummer StockBombay Gin, Sonora Review, and Hayden’s Ferry Review, as well as in anthologies Let the Bucket Down and The Wisdoms of the Universes in a Single String of Letters. I have also exhibited my work and given readings and performances in a wide variety of venues in Cambridge, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Amherst, Boston, Boulder, London, and Istanbul. 

I live in Boston where I create sustainable gardens, keep honeybees, and do what I can to help save the planet. I also serve as contributing editor for The Lily Review and co-organize the yearly Boston Poetry Marathon.