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Welcome to Boog City 12 Arts Festival

Saturday, September 22nd (1:30pm-8pm)
Sunday,  September 23nd (4:30pm-9pm)
Monday,  September 24th (5:30pm-10pm)
Tuesday, September 25th (5:30pm-10pm)

I will be reading my work as a part of Boog’s 12th annual Welcome to Boog City Arts Festival: Poetry, Music, Theater, and Film. It’s the festival’s 27th anniversary! It will feature 48 poets, 12 musical acts, 8 poets theater plays, 25 actors, d.a. levy lives visiting press, and 75 minutes of film screenings over the four days.

My reading is Saturday at 2:25pm, a day that will be bursting at the seams with readings and talked by  Martha McCollough,  Bridget Eileen, Kate Schapira, Brenda Iijima and Sara Jane Stoner, and so many others.

Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11238
More info: Boog City 12 Arts Festival Program.